Constituent Corner

December 2, 2019
Casework Success Stories

My team works to help constitutents across the district address issues with federal agencies from VA, Social Security, Medicare, and more. If you need assistance, stop by one of our offices, mobile office hours, or submit a request through our online forum. We will do our best to get you the answers you deserve.

Frank, Las Cruces

Issue: Military/Veteran Services

The Army drafted Private First-Class officer Frank on July 2,1969. After dashing through hostile fire to aid and evacuate five seriously wounded comrades, Frank received the Bronze Star for exceptional heroism in June 1970. Shortly after his act of heroism, enemy fire hit Frank’s mission aircraft, and caused it to crash. After suffering serious injuries in the line of duty Frank retired from the military.

Forty-nine years later, his step-daughter Melba contacted our office after working with the Las Cruces Military Order of the Purple Heart who struggled to get Frank’s Purple Heart awarded. Fortunately, Frank’s family kept telegrams sent to his mother while he was injured. From those telegrams, my office identified the requirements needed for the Purple Heart award. A few weeks later, I was able to present Frank his well-deserved Purple Heart.

“Special thanks to Congresswoman Torres Small for helping to return my step-father’s purple heart. Her team was instrumental on this matter and placing a personal call made a huge difference for an American Veteran,” said Melba, Frank's step-daughter.


Julie, Truth or Consequences

Issue: Medicare/Medicaid

When Julie's husband retired from the military, she struggled to receive clear information on how to receive her family’s hard earned benefits. After almost seven months with no insurance, our office was able to step in and help Julie solve the problem and get her benefits reinstated. “Ms. Torres Small was amazing in helping me resolve my issue. My family, like so many other veteran families, depend on these benefits. I am so grateful to her and her staff for their help,” said Julie.​


Patricio, Las Cruces

Issue: Military/Veteran Services


U.S. Army Veteran Dr. Patricio served in active duty for six years, but his life of service did not end with the Army. He worked as a National Park Ranger and found joy in teaching his students the history of the United States. Service and love for his country shaped his life; Dr. Patricio recounts “People don’t always realize how important it is to see our flag flying. When I was serving, seeing our flag made us feel at home. We have a responsibility to defend it.”

Dr. Patricio lost his service metals, but my team was able to quickly retrieve replacement metals for Patricio and thank him for his service. “I am thankful to the Congresswoman and her staff for helping replace my metals. To me, it’s a part of my identity. But it’s more important to my children and generations to come – to teach them the value of service and hard work for your country.”


Robert, Silver City

Issue: Veteran Affairs

In Silver City, retired Army veteran Robert was denied disability benefits. After nearly 30 years of no benefits, we were able to reinstate his benefits within a month. "It took 30 years to get my full benefits back. A month after I talked to Representative Torres Small, I had my benefits back. She was right there for me and ready to fight for me – I didn't know who else to turn to anymore," said Robert.